Next Pallipaana Date: April 2023

The Concept:

It is believed that Lord Mahavishnu with the help of Lord Subramanian found that he was afflicted by "Asura Dosha". People belonging to "Velan" community are the right ones to perform the corrective rituals to get rid of the "Dosha" which was inflicted by practicing witchcraft against the Lord. "Velan" community could not be found anywhere in the three worlds. At last Shri Parameswaran, who knows everything, appeared as "Velan", Shri Parvathy as "Velathy", Shri Mahaganapathy and Shri Subramanian as "Bhoothaganangal". They came over to Palazhy and performed the "Mahakarma" which is known as "Pallippana" and relieved Bhagavan of his evil afflictions. It was the first "Pallippana" ever heard in the history of mankind.

"Pallippana" is thus believed as a ritual capable of eliminating the evil spirits afflicting a Deity and its land and people. At Malanada this ritual is performed without fail once in 12 years. It is believed that this observance elates the divine power of "Malanada Appooppan" and makes the people of the seven "Karas" rich and prosperous.

About 50 members of the "Velan" Community as performers and an equal number of “Purangadi" community members as antiperformers take part in this function. It lasts for 11 days to complete 18 "Mahathkarmangal". The conduct of the function is very costly. The main "Karmas" performed are Kappukettu, Idupanabali, Kuzhibali, Pattadabali, Ninabali, Panchabhoothabali, Aazhibali, Kidangubali, Marukubali, Peed"abali, Dikbali, and Koombubali.

Physical presence during the function, contributions in cash and kind etc. bring home wealth and prosperity to all.

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