As mentioned elsewhere in the write up the pooja and other rituals at ‘Malanada’ are performed by members of the ‘Kurava’ community following a system that is influenced mostly by the Dravidian culture. Toddy, arrack, sacrificing live chickens etc. are the favourite offerings to ‘Appooppan’. Of late, these forms of offerings have been banned. Toddy, being the most favoured offering, is being continued and it is given as ‘Theertha’ to devotees after pooja. Toddy, live chickens, adukku (betlevine and other items that constitute ’Murukkan’), live goat, bullock, ‘Theevetty’, ‘Karuppu Katcha’, silk (red), flag, sword, ‘Muthukkuda’, ‘Aal-roopangal’, ‘Gada’, ‘Olakkuda’, ‘Udayaada’, ‘Pidipanam’, ‘Nerchakala’, ‘Nerchakuthira’, ‘Swarna nool’, ‘Karippukatti’, etc., are things normally offered to ‘Appooppan’. The system bears close allegiance to nature, agriculture, war, celebrations etc.. After harvesting, the agricultural produce like underground stems, banana, plantain, etc., bak ed in fire are being offered to ‘Devan’ which is known as ‘Chuttupooja’.

The following are the main rituals (Pooja) performed at ’Malanada’ and other sub shrines connected therewith: